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Internet everywhere: SpaceX launch satellites for wi-fi

"ИнтернетThe satellite launch is planned from a military air base Vandenberg.

A few years Elon Musk talked about his plans to launch thousands of low-orbit satellites that can provide high-speed Internet access to people around the world. Although the details of the project were always hidden, it is already known that the first batch of satellites will soon be launched, and, according to the letter published yesterday on the web site, the first two test satellites will be launched into orbit this weekend.

Last year, Vice President of SpaceX on satellite matters the Congress said that the company plans to launch the first two demo satellite in late 2017 and early this year, and if all goes well, the first operational satellite will be launched in 2019.

In his letter to the FCC (Federal communications Commission USA), the company SpaceX announced that two experimental satellite, Microsat-Microsat 2a and-2b will be launched by a single rocket, the Falcon 9, which also will orbit the radar observation satellite Paz, belonging to the Spanish government. The launch is scheduled for February 17. Start is planned from the territory of the military air base Vandenberg in 16:17 Kyiv time.

Despite the fact that such launches are always subject to delays, SpaceX plans up to 2024 to launch all of its satellites that provide Internet access. And although the project is expected to cost about $ 10 billion, Musk expects that revenues will exceed these costs and the profit can be allocated for the implementation of a more ambitious project – flight to Mars and founding a settlement there.Go to the Main page to Add a comment

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