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Мое дело сказать правду, а не заставлять верить в нее.


Довольно много чистой правды в этом мире говорится детьми.


Говорить правду - это не столько дело воли, сколько привычки.

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The most famous selfie taken before the advent of smartphones. Photo

"СамыеThey did selfies before they became so popular.

The smartphone and the selfie is already an integral part of life, it is difficult to imagine that was 50 years ago, when these concepts did not exist.

But even before the advent of smartphones, selfies on cameras. And where the same without the traditional photo in the mirror. Such a fate befell the famous stars.


John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy, 1954


Sophia Loren, 1960. In the foreground is a famous photographer of that time Richard Avedon


Madonna, 1988


Marilyn Monroe, 1962


Paul McCartney, 1959


Rowan Atkinson, 1987


Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, 1992


Family McCartney, 1969

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