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Outreach Goals

Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park
Washington, DC
Source: National Park Service

The EL&F package -- broadcast, website, community action guide, companion book, educational tapes, town hall and/or community meetings and trainings -- will:

  • Educate: raise public awareness and literacy in the areas of: storm-water pollution prevention, water conservation, waste reduction and prevention, energy conservation, and urban land conservation. Focus on urban/community forestry and integrated urban watershed management.
  • Support/enable effective action both individual and community: by showcasing models of effective onfy.de kühlakku apotheke programs and projects, it will inspire people to take appropriate actions in their own lives where they live, work, learn and play. And, to join with their neighbors and colleagues to take on projects that revitalize the "commons". The package will do this in several ways:
  • The website and book will provide resources to guide individuals, families and community groups.
  • To succeed in this work people must be equipped with special knowledge in:
    1. The science of community forestry and urban watershed management. Not just simply greening and decorating, this is ecosystem repair/revitalization. A host of techniques including proper species selection, site preparation, design, bio-remediation technology, and long term maintenance plans must be employed for a tree to live and for a project to succeed in accomplishing its healing objectives. There are a host of resources available and an already well-worn path of citizen training and support that organizations like TreePeople have developed over the past 20 years to easily and successfully guide organizations through what would otherwise be an overwhelming task.
    2. The art of community. Developing a neighborhood vision. Organizing, recruiting for, managing, facilitating and following up a community meeting. Facilitating conflict resolution. Neighborhood/community publicity. Local fund-raising. All of these are critical skills needed to ensure success. And as above, TreePeople has developed a training and guidebook that makes this a simple path to success.
    3. Engaging the support and cooperation of local government. Every community has individual ordinances, policies, and permit procedures that guide and regulate community greening action. Special permits, insurance, bonds, and assurances are often required for simple tree planting. Similarly, in every community there are resources available to guide appropriate action, but usually those resource people are hidden from public view. The Citizen Forester training program developed by TreePeople helps groups onto the right path of partnership and collaboration that leads to long-term success.

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