About the program

“People are coming back to cities to live and raise their families with a new appreciation for their environment.”

Edens Lost and Found
Building Sustainable Cities

Edens Lost & Found tells the story of inspired individual citizens in cities across the country who are improving the quality of life and public health by encouraging community and civic engagement through the restoration of their urban ecosystems. In our special PBS broadcast and grassroots community-based outreach program, to be aired nationally during the 4th quarter of 2005, we'll profile activists, ordinary and extraordinary, in the cities of Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia and Chicago, among others, will be profiled.

These inspired individuals will present their solutions for sustainable cities. We'll examine how those solutions have worked in key cities and how they could be applied in other urban environments around the country. The program will explore

We will also show how smart growth alternatives can overcome suburban sprawl.

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