TreePeople is a nonprofit environmental organization that has been serving the Los Angeles area for three decades, offering sustainable solutions to urban ecosystem problems. TreePeople staff and volunteers work in partnership with schools, neighborhoods, community groups and businesses bringing people and trees together to build stronger communities and improve the quality of the environment.

Founded in 1973 to plant trees and restore the pollution-damaged mountains of Southern California, TreePeople has planted and maintained over 1.5 million trees in the Los Angeles area and pioneered more than 200 tree-planting groups worldwide. As one of the largest environmental educators in the United States, TreePeople has initiated numerous large-scale public and youth education programs, resulting in millions of people caring for their environment by planting trees, recycling, and preventing the pollution of stormwater. With over 15,000 members, TreePeople is one of the largest independent environmental organizations in California. Both locally and nationally, the organization is helping to promote integrated watershed management practices through education, planting projects, policy development and research.

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